Training Courses

Nowadays, data is unmissable from companies. Do you feel the need for further education on what can be achieved with data? Or how you should govern data? Or are you not really sure how to comply with privacy, rules and regulations both from data and AI-perspective?

We provide (tailored) training material and are happy to bring more knowledge to your table.

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Trainings we offer

Data Intelligence Skills

Want to learn specific skills regarding Data Intelligence? We offer the following trainings:

AI Governance
Data Catalog
Data Privacy
Data Quality Training

Data Intelligence Tools

Has your organisation chosen a specific Data Governance tool and want to learn more about it? We offer training on the following tools:

BigID Training
Collibra Training
Zeenea Training

Tailored Training?

Are you in need of a specific training not mentioned on our website? Is there any specific (Data Governance) Tooling you want to know the ins- and outs about? Do you need help building workflows? Are there certain regulations (such as the DORA) and do you need help on how to educate your staff in an easy manner?Feel free to contact us and we are glad to provide tailored services for your specific wishes.