We love data

At Clever Republic, we work together to get the best out of our customers’ data every day. We help organisations to build a data foundation and to unlock its full potential. It is our mission to help organisations with the implementation and adoption of processes, technology and organisational structures that are needed to unlock the full potential of trusted data.

We help organisations to trust their data

Trusted data is essential for every organisation. Data is the input and output of a process and also tells about the performance of the process. Whilst the amount of data within an organisation is exploding, the need for trusted data is increasing. Organisations require help in organising their data and make it trustworthy. 

We believe that consulting is not only about implementation and installation but it’s more about learning people how to operationalise solutions for the long term. We don’t work for our clients, we work with them.

Clever Republic Team

Koen Balm

“I like to connect Data, People, Processes, Policy and Technology by organising and governing data in a pragmatic way”. Koen helps companies to determine and implement their Data Strategy, Data Management department or Data Governance. With a solid background in Information Management (MIM) and Business Economics (Msc.) he knows how to get value out data and how to bridge the gap between data, IT, processes and business.

Jeroen Suijker

Jeroen has a profound background in knowledge management. As Business Analyst / translator he translates Data Management questions into data driven solutions that really deliver value to the business. Jeroen has over 25 years experience in finance, technology and insurance in roles such as Program Manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst or Data Management Lead. In his spare time Jeroen likes to develop his own applications and analytical models in using state of the art solutions like Python and R.

Rixt Baerveldt

Rixt graduated on the topic of Adoption of Data Governance from her study Business Information Management (Msc.) and has a bachelor degree in International Business Administration. She aims close the gap between Data and Business, by making the data landscape understandable for everyone in your organisation.

Aura Orval

Aura has been with us for a while now. Graduated with a Msc. Data Science & Society, she has both knowledge of Data Governance and technical knowledge. She is a chatterbox, and by communicating thoroughly she will know exactly what the client needs.

Floris van der Krieken

Floris is working on the final part of his MSc. in Business Process Management & IT and has a bachelor degree in International Business Administration. He has a passion for connecting the dots around data. What fascinates him about data is how it creates new opportunities in business (processes) and can efficiently solve various issues that arise within an organization.

Rosina Meijnen

Koen Molier

Wilko Verheij

Wilko started as a graduate intern and worked his way up to becoming a full-time employee. His proficiency in programming languages is impressive, making him a go-to person when it comes to technical challenges. With his analytical skills, Wilko excels in identifying and solving complex problems with ease. And where others are struggling, Wilko is always ready to lend a hand.

Frank Bleker

Frank has a master’s degree in privacy law. In addition, he recently graduated in Data Science (Msc.). This allows him to bridge the gap between IT interests and legal obligations around data like no other.

Job Grimbergen

During his MSc. in Strategic Management Job specialized in organizing technological transformation and the adoption of data science & AI in organization. He knows how to approach and overcome common obstacles organizations face in data adoption.

Mo Coenraads

Mo started as a graduate intern and is now a fulltime employee. He has finished his master’s in Information Management. Prior to the master, he completed the HBO study Business IT & Management. Through his internships and (work) experiences, he discovered that he is interested in all fields in the Data World. From Data Governance to Data visualization and from Metadata to Data Science. Through the courses in his studies, following several internships and a minor in Data Science, he has discovered that Data Governance suits him perfectly. Mo likes to dive in-depth to find out everything about a topic.

Robert Horsten

Robert is our financial wizzard. Knowing everything of financial data and alignement with tax regulation and accounting principles. Pragmatic, hands-on and driven by numbers. If not at the CleverRepublic HQ or with a client, you’ll surely find Robert at a golf-course!

Frederike de Boer

Frederike is our top-notch recruiter. She is continuously searching for the next data expert to join our team and dedicated to finding the best talent. Are you interested in a career at Clever Republic? Frederike will probably be your first contact!