Data Privacy Training

Data Privacy is essential for businesses to be compliant to reduce both risks and fines. Not only professionals should be up to date, but a Data Privacy Training can apply to all other employees to ensure that no mistakes are made and all regulations are complied with

This training is for: Data Protection Officers, Provacy & Compliance Officers, IT & Security Professionals, Data Managers & Stewards, All other Employees, Enthusiasts of Data Privacy

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In this Training you will:

  • Learn everything about current Privacy Laws and Regulations, and the upcoming Laws and Regulations
  • See best-practices for access management, adhering to (internal and external) policies and standards, GDPR implementation, PIA’s and more
  • Know Data Protection Principles and how to handle Data Breaches

After this Training you will:

  • Be able to position yourself and your organisation ethically to become trustworthy for your target audience
  • Know how to prevent the unintended Data Breaches
  • Know how to position your organisation within the current and future standards relating to Laws and Regulations

Practical information

  • Topic: Data Privacy
  • Location: Woerden (if requested on-site of your organisation)
  • Time: 4 hours
  • Costs: Dependent on amount of participants

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