DAMA DMBoK Training

The Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA DMBoK) has been one of the most important sources for correct Data Management. We provide education on both Data Management, and the DAMA certification so that you will have sufficient knowledge to either get certified, or be confident about your Data Management knowledge and excel in the field of Data management.

This training is for: Data Management Practitioners, Data Stewards, Data Governance Leaders, Enthusiasts of Data Management, IT & Data Professionals, Business Analysts & Leaders


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In this Training you will:

  • Learn everything about the DAMA DMBoK, from beginning to end
  • Practice with real-world scenarios on Data Architecture, Roles & Responsibilities, Data Modelling, and so forth to put knowledge to practice
  • Become familiar with Data Privacy and -Security principles to assess, improve, and maintain reliable and secure data throughout the entire lifecycle

After this Training you will:

  • Have comprehensive knowledge on the principles mentioned in the DAMA DMBoK and best practices in Data Governance, Data Management, and Data Architecture
  • Feel confident to apply for the DAMA DMBoK Certification, and success
  • Strategic insights to execute and implement Data Governance, Data Management, and Data Architecture within your organisation

Practical information

  • Topic: Data Management (DAMA DMBoK)
  • Location: Woerden (if requested on-site of your organisation)
  • Time: 16 hours, divided over 2 or 4 days
  • Costs: Dependent on amount of participants

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