Data Catalog Training

Enabling a Data Catalog in your organisation helps to improve Data Quality, Completeness, Data Lineage and more. This program is designed to empower the participants with knowledge and skills to manage and maximise the value of their Data Catalog, whether it still has to be set up, or if the Data Catalog is already in place. 

This training is for: Data Stewards, Data Managers, Data Governance Leaders, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Database Administrators, IT Professionals

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In this Training you will:

  • Learn everything about Data Discovery, Data Cataloguing, a Business Glossary, and Data Accessibility
  • Know how to search optimally for the metadata present within the Data Catalog and how to set search filters

After this Training you will:

  • Know what a Data Catalog is and how it is structured
  • The value is of implementing a Data Catalog
  • How to structure and implement a Data Catalog within your organisation 

Practical information

  • Topic: Data Management (Data Catalog)
  • Location: Woerden (if requested on-site of your organisation)
  • Time: 4 hours
  • Costs: Dependent on amount of participants

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