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CSRD Implementation with Collibra

CSRD implementation: the Clever Way

CSRD implementation: the Clever Way The CSRD, or Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, is a major regulatory development in the realm of sustainable (ESG) reporting in the European Union. To comply with the CSRD, companies will need to adapt their internal processes, enhance data collection and data management, and possibly invest in new technology and expertise. …

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global ai legislation efforts

The AI-Act in depth

The AI-Act in depth In our previous blog, “What is the AI Act?“, we explored the definition of AI according to the AI-Act, how to classify systems into three different risk categories: unacceptable-, high-, and low risk and their consequences. This blog will dive further into the AI-Act and explore its position in the context …

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What is the AI Act?

What is the AI Act? Technology is an ever changing topic, and with emerging technologies constantly on the rise, ethical and responsible development not only needs to be considered, but also ensured. The European Union (EU) sees an urgency for these matters, and thus has been creating regulations for both businesses and individuals to comply …

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