Customer story

Data Governance Acceleration at PGGM




Data Governance



The challenge

PGGM, the pension fund service provider for, mainly, the healthcare sector, aimed to strengthen its Data Governance activities by implementing a Data Driven Infrastructure program. Facing challenges in harmonising processes across levels, boosting data literacy, and synchronising Collibra environments, PGGM sought Clever Republic’s expertise. With a clear vision for excellence, PGGM aimed to maximise data potential while aligning with organisational goals through Collibra implementation.

What they said

“It was a pleasure working with Clever Republic. With their expertise, drive and enthusiasm they brought a great acceleration to our data governance program. We now have clear strategies for our data products and are ready to take the next step.”

What we did

Clever Republic closely collaborated with PGGM’s Data Management- and business teams  to tackle these challenges head-on. Clever Republic set up an expert group comprising Data Management specialists from diverse domains, focusing on pinpointing bottlenecks and delineating clear processes within the Data Governance framework. Clever Republic helped delivering training and guidance to empower data stewards and managers, equipping them with the necessary skills to make use of the Collibra platform effectively. Furthermore, Clever Republic implemented technical best practices within the Data Governance platform, enhancing efficiency and fostering collaboration among various Data Governance roles and environments. Through these efforts, Clever Republic and PGGM laid a solid foundation for effective Data Governance implementation. Operating models, workflows, roles, and responsibilities within the framework were defined, positioning PGGM to address future Data Governance challenges autonomously.

What we achieved

Clever Republic significantly enhanced PGGM’s Data Governance capabilities, boosting data literacy and streamlining the Collibra implementation. By applying technical best practices, Clever Republic improved efficiency and facilitated better collaboration among different Data Governance roles and environments. PGGM now has a robust framework in place, well-positioned to manage its data assets effectively. Clever Republic’s expertise and collaborative approach fostered a culture of Data Governance excellence within PGGM, ensuring alignment with organisational goals and objectives.