Driving Data Governance Adoption

One of the main challenges of the implementation of Data Governance and Data Governance tools is business adoption. As a Master graduate, our colleague Rixt researched the different factors influencing the adoption of Data Governance. In cooperation with five organisations, a framework was created that guides organisations towards good adoption of Data Governance. 

The business adoption of Data Governance is defined as the organisational process to embrace the products and services as implemented as part of a Data Governance implementation. The variables that influence the adoption depend on the innovation at hand. Data Governance is such an innovation within the business world and not much research has been conducted on it yet.

The adoption framework shows that there are eleven (!) factors that influence the adoption of Data Governance. These factors can be divided into three dimensions; understanding, support and interests.

The dimension Understanding regards the need for business to understand the value that Data Governance can bring. It is clarified that in all layers of the organisation, people need to be made aware of the benefits and importance of good quality data and Data Governance.

Support emphasises that it’s difficult to implement and adopt Data Governance without support throughout the organisation. There are different dimensions in which support is needed. Sponsorship from top-management is one of the main themes in the results. Furthermore, priority (and therefore time) and the availability of resources play a significant role in the adoption.

In the last dimension, it is shown that different Interests in the organisation influence the adoption of Data Governance. This has to do with the fact that often there’s no goal for Data Governance, the involvement of the organisation in the implemlentation and even the culture that the organisation has. Is the organisation used to working with data or is it a culture shift that is happening?

Are you curious for more information about the adoption of Data Governance? In the following Clever Republic blogs, we will take you through these dimensions of adoption and best practices to boost the adoption from each dimensional perspective. Do you already want to know more about the research and our best practices in implementing Data Governance and Data Intelligence? Feel free to reach out to us and schedule a (virtual) meeting!