Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence covers all the needed actions, processes and organisational efforts that enable end users to derive maximum value out of the data a company can use. This comes from internal-, as well as external data. Data Intelligence includes all efforts and tooling to describe data, to make it available to end users, and to keep track of the usage of data.
Data intelligence


Data Intelligence is a broader version of Data Governance. Within Data Governance we connect the dots of technology, processes, people, policies, and data. With Data Intelligence we make sure that we also enable people to actually use the data.

Data Intellligence goes beyond Data Governance. It includes the technical adoption of the Governance Structures and tooling. By Connecting the Dots between “knowing what Data to use” and the actual Usage, we provide the data usage ecosystem. Our people know how API’s work, and how a Python Script can help you to deliver the Data Goods you’ve been shopping for in your Data Catalog.

We connect the data dictionary and business glossary to workflows that enable approval of the usage of data by predefined owners. After approval the data will be delivered to the end user (requestor) automatically, using connected systems and API’s.

Data Intelligence enables your organisation to derive maximum business value out of data while being compliant to regulation. Want to know more about our holistic view on Data Intelligence? Please contact us for a cup of coffee and valuable insights!