Data Management

Data Management comprises all disciplines related to managing data as a valuable resource (Wikipedia).

Data Management is a discipline that arose in the 1980’s, when companies became their first data driven solutions (like punched cards, terminals and floppy disks) and had to find a way to manage this data efficiently. Later Data Management became the practice of implementing Data Warehousing and allocate the right servers and server-software. Nowadays Data Management is often used for the more operational part of Data Governance, like shown in the DAMA DataManagement Body of Knowledge.

Data Management

What about Master Data Management?

Data Management is not the same as Master Data Management. You can see Master Data Management as the part of Data Management which focuses on mainting a companies’ Master Data. Master Data covers the data of suppliers, clients, products, materials etc. It is making sure that operational data is being entered into systems correctly and maintaining Solid Data Quality.


At Clever Republic we’ve been implementing a lot of Data Management processes. From designing a Marketing Data Base environment to implementing Master Data Processes that uses smart Python scripts, we’ve been there.