make data meaningful


It doesn’t matter if you are working with Data Intelligence, (Master) Data Management, Data Governance, or Data Quality. It is all about understanding your data.

Understanding begins with definitions. Most used definitions are:

  • Business Terms
  • Data Elements
  • Processes
  • Roles & Responsibilities

The same goes for all the business terms we use on this website. What do we mean when we talk about Data Intelligence? What is Master Data Management, Data Governance? Can we give examples, do we have cases referring to the implementation of these terms? How do you measure quality? Where to start an implementation. We often get these questions, so let’s get them answered!

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Our Most Important Definitions


Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence refers to all the efforts an organisation undertakes to enable users of data to easily find data, know what data means, what the quality is, and most important to easily/automated get hold of the data.


Data Governance

Data governance is a process and quality control discipline focused on managing the quality, consistency, usability, security, and availability of information. Data governance focuses on organisation, processes, and roles.


Data Management

Data Management is a collection of practices, concepts, procedures, processes, and a wide range of accompanying systems that allow for an organisation to gain control of its data resources. As we see it, Data Management is more operational than Data Intelligence or Data Governance. [Read more…]


Data Quality

Data Quality is about measuring the quality of your data. Bad quality leads to bad insights and predictions. By implementing the right measures, processes, responsibilities, and tooling you can get in control of the data you use.