About Implementation

We help organisations to implement Data Governance and bring them towards Data Intelligence. By building a Governance Organisation (roles, responsibilities), creating Data Dictionaries and Business Glossaries and create insights in Data Lineage. We have implemented Data Intelligence for a lot of multinational brands and know how to derive maximum value out of your data. A journey that starts with identifying what data you have, what the quality of this data is and where it is being used. Are you on the edge of implementing Data Governance within your organisation? Call us for a cup of coffee and we’re happy to share our insights on getting Data Governance really to work!

Why Clever Republic?

Are you looking for help in getting a roadmap? Or how to come to the first implemented use cases? We are the specialist in implementing Data Governance and Data Intelligence. We know how to make things really work and how to derive value out of your investments in Data Governance or Data Intelligence. We have a large track record in these industries:
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • FMCG
  • Energy
  • Publishing
  • Government

Think big , start small; contact us for a cup of coffee and our insights and experience on getting Data Governance implemented!