Clever Republic Takeaways – Data Governance Adoption at ASML & HEINEKEN

The theoretical implementation of Data Governance seems quite straightforward, but companies often struggle with the adoption of Data Governance in their businesses. During our first Data Intelligence Meetup, representatives from HEINEKEN and ASML shared their experience on the adoption of Data Governance in their organisation.

Below you can find our key takeaways for the adoption of Data Governance from this session:

  • Find a Clear Approach: For the implementation of Data Governance, it is important to have a clear approach on where you will focus on as an organisation. There are different approaches that can be used to start implementing Data Governance. For example, an organisation can focus on the Critical Data Elements. The organisation can look for data points that are used for important purposes such as annual reporting, and prioritizes the good use of Data Governance on those data points first.
  • Collaborate with Business Units and Countries: In the global level of the organisation, you do not always have all the insights on the needs of the rest of the organisation. The importance of collaboration between the business and the global department is stressed in the session. For effective adoption, it is key to know the needs in different areas of the organisation, in order to implement and adopt Data Governance effectively.

  • Create a Diverse Data Governance Council: In the organisation, it is important to create a Data Governance Council that is diverse. This should be done with the aim of creating a Data Governance practice that includes viewpoints from all over the organisation. This enables the uniform integration of Data Governance, as possible obstacles are identified sooner and success stories can be shared within the organisation. Also, it helps operationalise the combination of Data Quality and Data Governance. With for example the use of Negotiable (non)Functional Requirements of Data Governance in new data projects, the adoption of Data Governance throughout the organisation is boosted.

  • Create Awareness from the Start: To boost adoption, awareness of the existence of Data Governance is important. An enabler for the creation of awareness is if Data Governance is being supported and advocated by top-management. When a Data Governance team is located close to top management in the organization, it seems like the adoption rate of the practices is higher. Another enabler is when a job involves Data Governance related activities, they should already be mentioned in the job description. That way, employees are aware of their data governance related duties and will adopt easier. Also, the initial priority is higher, and the activities are perceived less like something they do not have time for.

  • Train your Employees: What seems to help the adoption rate of Data Governance is to give the employees of the organization training on the different aspects of Data Governance, but also on the use of the Data Governance platform. All employees can follow the training, including both the data stewards/owners and the potential users of the data. This way, the awareness in the organization grows and the adoption of Data Governance will increase.

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